If injury is caused by a defective product, then the resulting case is known as a products liability case. The seller and manufacturer may be liable for the resulting injury including pain and suffering, loss of income, inconvenience, medical bills, and any permanent injury. 

If you purchase a product, you have a right to expect that it will not have defects that make it unreasonably dangerous. You know that the motorcycle you bought can be dangerous if not handled correctly, but you did not expect it to leap into gear when you put it in neutral and plow you into a tree. Hunting can be dangerous, but when you bought the plastic sight for your hunting bow you did not expect it to shatter and explode into your eye when you pulled the string all the way back to sight your arrow. Shooting can be dangerous, but you did not expect your rifle to explode when you pulled the trigger. 

Products liability cases can be challenging. The manufacturer is not going to admit it made a defective product because it will not just be liable to you, but to all those it is responsible for injuring. Sometimes a company will know that it has made a defective product, but will keep selling it after calculating that it will probably make more money selling the product than it will pay in claims.

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