Most tractor-trailer drivers are conscientious and skilled drivers. In their industry safety is emphasized and special training is required. However, accidents do happen to the best of drivers. Truckers are required to keep logs showing where they have been and how long they have been driving. They are only allowed to drive a certain number of hours each day. If a tractor-trailer driver has been driving long hours for many days concentration may begin to lag. He may be tired. He may not have slept well. He may be late for his scheduled pickup or delivery. He may be in a hurry to get home. 

Whatever the reason, when the accident does occur and the driver loses control, his rig becomes an out of control bomb. The rig may be up to 70 feet long (over 4 times the length of a car) and weigh up to 120,000 pounds (more than 35 passenger cars).  Serious injury is likely the result.

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