Dogs make wonderful pets. However, they require attention and training. If not properly handled and trained any animal can become dangerous. Some breeds can be naturally aggressive. The law of Virginia sets out certain duties that every pet owner owes to others. If a dog owner has reason to know that his or her pet may be dangerous under certain circumstances, then the owner has the duty to take reasonable steps to prevent injury to others. That means more than just posting a warning and leaving it up to others to fend for themselves if attacked.

We have handled numerous dog bite cases over the years. The most devastating injury can be to a child as a child is often naturally trusting. The face of a child is often within easy reach of a vicious dog. The damage done is invariably more than physical. A child who is attacked by a dog may never overcome his or her fear of animals. Counseling is often required for years. Plastic surgery may be required, but scars cannot be fully removed. The physical and emotional scars are there for life.

If you or a loved one are bitten by a vicious dog and serious injury results be sure to get the dog investigated. Call animal control. Find out about the history of the dog. Has he shown dangerous tendencies? Has he bitten before? Did the owner know or have reason to know

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